About Us

The North Pembs Darts League was originally formed in the early 1970's by the work of the late Harold Phillips of the Harp Inn Letterston and also the late Glan Phillips of Fishguard. During this time the league was open to players who played out of Ansells pubs in the area. Due to the initial success of the league it soon built up to encompass teams from all over the surrounding district. In the 1980's over 20 teams played in the league which required the formation of several divisions.

The area covers mainly the Fishguard and surrounding district and includes pubs from Letterston, Newport, Puncheston and the Gwaun valley. At the current time there are 11 registered teams in the league playing from public houses within the area. Selected players from the league have participated in the formation of a representative league team who play against teams in a local superleague involving area teams from all over Pembrokeshire.