Message from NPDL Committee

Hi Folks

Every darts player in the NPDL has probably been wondering when we will finally be able to play team games again. Who would have thought back in March that nine months later we would still only be able to do a bit of throwing practice at home? Maybe a few new boards have gone up in people's homes and are getting plenty of use (hopefully!). Watching Gerwyn Price and all the other pros on TV is great, but just not the same thing as actually toeing the oche yourself.

At first, we thought that things might get back to something near normal by late autumn, but sadly it hasn't turned out that way. Clearly nobody can really tell how long it will take before it's again safe for two teams of darts players to meet for an evening of darts. The Committee thinks that we just have to be flexible when the time does come. The most important thing would be to get darts matches going again in some shape or form. Depending on when that is, it may mean improvising with some sort of mini-season just to get everybody back into the swing of it ready for when the next "proper" full season starts. Of course, there are many different possible ways that darts games could be arranged to bridge the gap up to the new season, but the best way will no doubt depend on how many teams and venues are then ready to go and when we're actually allowed to get started.

In the meantime, The Committee would like to thank everyone in advance for your patience. We wish all the teams and players a really good Christmas wherever and however you will be spending it. Don't let the trusty darts get rusty. Keep on throwing and let's all hope that it's not too long before we can start bulling out again.

Best Wishes & Pob Hwyl

Your Committee