On Friday 29th the Interleague doubles were held at two venues in Newport:Castle and Llwyngwair Arms. Qualifiers from the Llwyngwair were: Rhys Mc Laughlin and Graham Davies(Freemasons) Booty and Gareth Adamson(Llwyngwair) Gary Hall and Andrew Sinnott(Shamrock B) Stu Robinson and Will Evans(Tufton Arms) Qualifiers from the Castle were: Tom Bayliss and Mark Gurney(Cambo A) Bills and Jon Lewis(Shamrock C) Andrew George and Darren Davies(Gate B) Steve Jauch and Tom Glover(Jubilee A) 
Jon Daniels 180. Barry Thomas 180. Andrew Sinnott 180. Will Evans 180. 
This Friday 6th Dec we have the InterleagueThrees: Venues are, Shamrock and Coachhouse.